Who We Are

Napparoy Agriculture has more than 20 years of experience specialising in the export of all types of Australian livestock and high grade Australian Wagyu beef to markets all over the world. 

Our Team

For over 25 years the owners have specialised in the export of livestock and chilled red meat through partnerships with Australian and international businesses – some of the key markets being Japan, Russia, Korea, Vietnam, Malaysia, Turkey and Israel.

Jim Teasdale

General Manager - Operations

Jim has over 20 years experience in a range of livestock production, export and finance businesses throughout Australia. Jim holds a Bachelor of Business in Agricultural Management and is a Graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. Jim is responsibl for all export marketing, procurement, animal welfare, compliance and logistics.


The owners and managers of Napparoy have been involved in breeding, feeding, slaughter and export of meat and livestock from Australia to markets all over the world for well over 20 years.

Sourcing Livestock

Key to our success are the invaluable relationships with producers, livestock agents and other stakeholders throughout Australia, New Zealand and Europe to ensure access to a range of livestock to meet our customers’ needs. Strategic partnerships with our livestock breeders and buyers ensure efficient and effective procurement of high quality feeder, slaughter and breeding livestock for export and domestic trading.

Preparation & Management of Livestock

Following careful selection of livestock, we customise our approach to preparation – always reviewing and refining strict quality assurance procedures to ensure livestock are prepared, not only in accordance with the regulatory and animal welfare requirements of the Exporting and Importing Country governments, but also to ensure safe and comfortable transport and optimal performance of the animals for our customers production systems. All animals are identified by individual electronic tag linked to a database to record property of origin, breed, weight gains, health and welfare data, and other relevant details as required. This data is used to track performance of individual lines of livestock and subsequently used to provide feedback and inform future procurement strategies.


Napparoy Agriculture has an experienced operations team to oversee the loading and delivery of livestock in optimum condition to meet the requirements of our customers. As an industry leader in delivery of high quality livestock, we can also provide technical support and guidance to optimise animal health, welfare and performance. Napparoy Agriculture is currently working on numerous contracts to supply livestock to the Middle East, China, Japan, Russia and New Zealand and looking to increase our presence in new and existing markets. We have access to a range of purpose-built livestock export vessels loading from ports around Australia, New Zealand and South America. This, along with our experienced team enables us to assemble quality livestock and efficiently service orders that may vary in size from a little as a few hundred head of breeding cattle up to several thousand feeder or slaughter cattle at any one time. We also maintain close relationships with airlines and freight forwarders for smaller consignments of valuable breeding stock by air. We welcome the opportunity to work closely in new and existing markets to carefully supply world class livestock. We come from a background of breeding, fattening and feeding livestock across a range of management systems and locations. We are passionate about delivering a quality product that adjusts well and positively contributes to our customers objectives through thorough preparation and a focus on health and welfare of our animals.

Markets Serviced

  • China
  • Israel
  • Japan
  • Malaysia
  • Turkey
  • Vietnam
  • Russia
  • New Zealand
  • Taiwan
  • Cambodia